i'm not used to attention
i very much prefer being nothing but a background in everyone else's lives,
i speak in very self-referential ways, as I assume everyone else knows exactly what i'm talking about; at least I know I do when I do so
i prefer to have many nicknames online, for the sake of simplicity I prefer to be called whatever people enjoy the most: but I've kept "my self" out of my twitter account because I believe that,
what matters is the art, not the artist.

my html skills are not bad, i simply enjoy the old-school feeling of amateurish work rather than a more modern approach of masturbatory, incredibly pedantic show-off attitude
i thank my dude, "my dude the avian", for showing me the value of simplicity over complexity, of 20kb index pages over 5 minutes of loading javascript, of bitcrushed shoegaze over license-free music
despite all our mishaps, what's done is done until you do it again, and i wowuld not be the same person i am today without the people that i have met both through and before him

i'm making a comic.
several, even.
i believe myself to be a failure.
not of humanity, but of society
for the more i live, the more i see there's always a choice between being who you want to be and who you need to be to fit in
40k is there for that
for the music i cannot sing, for the poems i cannot recite
for the things i love, yet don't contribute to the world
as i've made up my mind, that I want to make something to express myself, and not to feed my hypothetical family of 4, me, my traditional wife, and my two kids: one named johnny, the older kid, and the little timmy, his younger but brilliant sibling.
that's all a load of crap

my name actually is ■■■■■■■■■
welcome to a page on the internet.
i'm a huge fan of dead things
of bands nobody listens to anymore, of art nobody appreciates
for the word Death has been run to the ground
and it'll last as long as it possibly can.
a better picture, i'm sorry for the other one
also check out the stuff i like
also the people that need a thank u for believing in me (that's you! the audience!)