the basics

i've always said, or rather, after i turned 12, that it's easier to pinpoint what you like when asked to than to list the things you hate; as i got older, i realized the only things i hate are that which directly damage someone else, so i guess that's it
but i was never good at saying what i liked, no matter the moment i was always ashamed of it: of my intense passion for sonic games when i was 9, or metal when i was 11,
i like listing stuff, i don't like saying "i'm X" because i feel like that's just categorizing; as soon as you introduce yourself as something, your image for everyone else will have that tag until you prove it otherwise
this is proven by a memory, back at my third year in highschool. one of my classmates wanted to get to know me, and snatched my headphone for a sec. "Huh, I thought all you listened to was metal", she said, as literally one of the calmest songs in my list was playing at that moment. (Great Shakes vol. 1, You. I love that song.)


i wasn't always that cool kid with the obscure taste in music though.
my dad always was super into rock, you could literally say he's a rock dad. dude got me into the classic stuff; Deep Purple, Guns 'n' Roses, AC/DC, the usual
but i'll always be a proud and, uh, solid? 2000's kid, so my music taste quickly was influenced by the best part of the internet; bionicle mvs: Linkin Park Hybrid theory/Meteora era, Green Day, later on moving into Slipknot and derivates. If it has a guitar and it's from before 2010, most likely i will groove to it. Not that there's anything wrong with stuff from after the 10's, but anyone you ask will know there's a difference.
music got me into learning english, and that's always somethin i'm glad i did. other honorable mentions: Dire Straits, Yes, Al Di Meola, FIDLAR, Caramelos De Cianuro and many other venezuelan bands, The Black Keys, Queens Of The Stone Age, the list goes on, but i honestly get tired of listing after a while. Have A Nice Life changed my life for the better; after years of genuine self-hatred, once A Quick One Before The Eternal Worm Devours Connecticut transitioned towards Bloodhail, I knew I had found my place in the world. At last, I felt understood by it, and I felt like I understood it. Yet again, I'm a very self-referential person. Snippets of it's lyrics are things I like to quote. While I do not like Spotify as a service, it is undeniably the best for simply linking my stuff. I throughoutly recommend using a pirated version of it, or instead take an eye towards the ones you like to support them directly, as Spotify is famously TERRIBLE at PAYING ARISTS.
also i guess it says one of my other nicks on it. you can call me knir.


nevermind. we broke up. but i still think he's cool.
Moving on........


I draw since i've had memory of being alive. So somewhere between 1 and 2 years old. I like art a lot; not just visual, but all of the categories cultural expression falls into, Books, Movies, Cinema, Music, Poetry, from small doodles on a forgotten paper to the attempts at "making it" of someone on twitter, I enjoy seeing it all. I believe I am best at writing and drawing, despite my self-sabotaging attempts at saying I am not.
I like videogames too. While I find myself dishearted with the current state of the videogame industry, I love plugging in my PS3, play some good ol' games, or my 3DS and play all of the games I played as a kid on my back-then new DSi. There are many "you cannot miss it" games that, ironically, i did miss out on playing. There are others that I enjoy more: as sort of a metaphor with hints of reality, I think MGSV is one of the greatest Metal Gears, despite whatever people say.
the latest thing i've "gotten into" is hazbin hotel and helluva boss. moreso the later, because HH is never coming out apparently. i am simply the target demographic, as my first interaction with it was some girl that was Super Into It (on the first week of the pilot coming out) putting it for everyone on a hang out to watch. while it had lots of raised brows and scoffs as reactions, i have to admit i found it annoying at worst and incredibly amusing at best. then helluva boss because it was finally an excuse to come out as a furry. number one loona fan and stuff, bros.


i like making stories.
that don't give you no money tho
i would love to just flip burgers, make a comic on the side
i guess i like anime? i mean, i don't watch much of it nowadays, but back on the day, damn. i used to know the entirety of fukkireta. that's not anime. but i wanted to mention that.
im very good at rambling.
there's so much to say, yet so few words. i'm better at answering rather than just "letting it out"

my fuckigng wife

i love her
every day i wake up,

she gets to be on color
stan loona