the people that follow me here

ado (for being the first person to follow me)

the people i care about

iki (get fucked you aren't getting properly referred to)
my bf (thank you for existing)
steph (for being my friend when i was basically psychosocial)
the people i've met through iki (you all are great lads)
not my teachers (thank you for letting me down)
not my family (believe me when i say i thank you all, believe me when i'm glad you let me fall, but you should've done it harder...)
snoop (one day i will be part of History)
purp (she's based)
/aco/ (for inspiring me to unashamedly draw sfw)
/co/ (for, ironically, inspiring me to make porn)
you, the reader, for learning how to read.............
vivz for creating helluva boss
nj whitey for being a great inspiration to follow the person i want to be, only music that ever spoke to me